I’m Jakub Sadowski / critbit. I mess around (mostly) with electronics and sometimes get paid for it. Some of my delivered commercial projects:

  • Automated amplifier linearity measurement platform (flask)
  • Linux smart-home hub prototype based on IMX6ULL CPU (hardware)
  • nRF52 - based bluetooth thermohigrometer platform (firmware / hardware / communication protocol)

In my free time I’m working on various stuff you can see here https://vcc.earth/portfolio/

I’m currently working for a generic blue company, doing generic linux C/C++ software.

I also parttake at https://hsp.sh/ (hackerspace based in Wrzeszcz, Gdańsk).

Books I find important

Harry Potter and the methods of rationality

by Eliezer Yudkowsky

I can’t say eneough how good this book is. The cleverness of the author is so incredible, the plot made me cry tears of joy and sadness like no other book before did. During writing of the fanfic, the author also led a meta-game on dedicated subreddit, which I gladly followed during the book finale, which, again, turns so much more emotional and though-provoking than the original series.

Besides a beautiful story, this book is very important to me, because it did show me how finding one’s place in society and striving for success may not be painful and tiring, but can be treated as another game, hard but rewarding one.

This book I recommend to anyone that (more or less) knows the original “Harry potter” story, and likes the humour I’d like to describe as “XKCD-like”. Consider giving it a chance, as noted on the book’s website, around “chapter 5” the reader will start to realize this isn’t anything like one would assume from the book’s form factor. http://www.hpmor.com/

Linia Oporu

by Jacek Dukaj

Sadly this story probably has never been translated to english. It is written in form of stream concousness, where the main character tells his thoughts about life and it’s horribleness - getting some good and thought-provoking conclusions in the process.

Permutation city

by Greg Egan

This book is very problematic for me to recommend to anyone, because I feel it can either induce crippling life dreat, or cure it, depending on the person reading it. The book tells a story of a man and woman, living in the near future, where person’s brain can be fully scanned, and then simulated, albeit no more faster than at 1/17 the realtime speed.

The story disects the theory of simulation, basically being an thought experiment of what would the consequences of such simulation be, and how would this affect the world. And then the second part happens.

The book gives no easy answers, but in my opinion no answer can be easy, when one trully tries to pursue the ontology, and the answer for the one true question. I still struggle at nights when I think of consequences of what this book helped me realise, what reality is, (and whether it could ever not be), but finally I feel like I possess the framework of reality that actually makes perfect sense.

Music I find peculiar

I like electronic music a lot. I listen to some other genres too, but I don’t think I can contribute with anything that’s not well known there.

https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7dN6Tt1VvnV1cvd2HkKI30?si=6fbe2dcf07e44091 https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4njZ88ue7Apa0cjFRMdLp7?si=accc702bdb284fad


GH: https://github.com/cr1tbit

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/j-s-sadowski/

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